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Research Center Design
Research Center Design

Upper Left - Floor Plan

Upper Right - Building Section

Lower - Longitudinal Building Section

This research center is inspired by the structure and characteristics of a dandelion: weightlessness, water resistance, mobility, and core strength. The five interior courtyards perform as the core structure for the building which is a representation of the dandelion’s stalk and beak. The rib system from the core courtyard is extended out and bends down connecting to the ground to function as the framing structure for each interior zones. This is also a depiction of the dandelion’s pappus of fine hair which is similar to the ribs of the roof providing a water-and-wind-resistant surface for the building. The roof structure is supported by hundreds of small steel tubes connected to the ribs system, in this way, there is an air barrier created between the roof structure and the ribs system for summer wind to pass through.