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Arch 1 - Sensory Release Spa and Hotel Design
Arch 1 - Sensory Release Spa and Hotel Design

A sensory experience releases your stress, loosens your body, and frees your mind.

reflection – sound – mist – light – shadow - touch of water - woods – sunlight

The overall design of the building mirrors the flow of a river branching into multiple streams. The entrance of the spa is hidden in the inner portion of the woods and expands to the waterfront.

On passing through the reception area, the open gateway will guide guests to the guestrooms, spa and restaurant. The three wings of guestrooms are located on the waterfront with each room having its own view of the lake.

The spa is located in the center reaching out to the water’s edge. There are different types of saunas, steam baths, massage rooms, and water activities. The sauna room has two chambers: one with a lake view and the other with a sky view.