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School + Vivero
School + Vivero

Villa 31 is one of the biggest shanty towns in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The government, scholars and the locals have been trying to improve the living condition for the residence staying at the slum. For this project, we were asked to design a new school for the local residence inside the slum with an additional program.

The reason to have a vivero - garden is because the drop off rate for teenagers within the shanty town is high; therefore, a school + program which could attract the students to stay in school by educating them how to grow plantations for both their own family consumption and also they could sell them to the city for benefits.

The design of the structural system is inspired by local construction method with simple technique and materials, so that the residence from the shanty town could build it on their own - Parabolic steel truss, concrete gutter, durmientes quebracho, and train track.